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Vertical align of an element in CSS

28 Apr 2015

Vertically aligning elements in CSS is always a headache to me. Found a good solution from a blog. http://zerosixthree.se/verticalalignanythingwithjust3linesofcss/ The gist is: ```css .parentelement { webkittransformstyle: preserve3d; moztransformstyle: preserve3d; transformstyle: ...

Stubbing in tests with MiniTest

12 Apr 2015

```ruby def test_link_to_nav_for_active_links stub :controller_name, 'discussions' do active_link_html link_to_nav name: 'Forum', url: discussions_path inactive_link_html link_to_nav name: 'Webinars', url: webinars_path assert_equal active_link_html, ...

Using EXTRACT FROM timestamp to group results in Rails + PostgreSQL

12 Apr 2015

I had a table called `answers` and it has `created_at` timestamp column among others. How can I get all the records from the table grouped by week number of the year? The first idea that came to my mind was to use `group_by` method of Ruby. To do that I would have to run a query like this: ``` ...

Little tip for writing functional tests in MiniTest with MonBan

21 Feb 2015

If you have an app using [MonBan](https://github.com/halogenandtoast/monban) you might be using helpers like `current_user` in view layer. How do you write functional test for it? I ran into this error when I tried. ```ruby ActionView::Template::Error: undefined method `user' for nil:NilClass ...

Minimum and maximum values in Ruby array

8 Feb 2015

Ruby provides convenient methods to find a minimum or a maximum value in an array. ```ruby numbers [23, 20, 35, 3, 8] > [23, 20, 35, 3, 8] numbers.min > 3 numbers.max > 35 numbers.minmax > [3, 35] ``` Good stuffs! ref: http://www.rubydoc.org/core2.2.0/Enumerable.html ...