Hi. I'm Sunki, a full stack web developer living in Vancouver. Using Ruby on Rails and other modern frameworks, I build web apps for companies in various industries. While photography and trying out Project Euler occupy most of my free time, I never stop thinking about my next project ... as there are always better ways to solve your problems.



Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is powerful backend web frame work made with Ruby language. Extracted from a project management app, Basecamp, RoR is claimed to be the most productive web framework letting developers easily develop, deploy and change functions of the site.

Large application examples include Twitter and Groupon.


Using BackboneJS in dynamic web applications, developers can give solid structure to their programs. Combined with useful functions of UnderscoreJS and popular jQuery, building interactive site becomes well-defined work process.

Popular names using this open-source framework include USA Today, Hulu and WordPress.com.


Developed by Google, AngularJS is Javascript framework to build Single Page Application or any dynamic functions on front end. MVC

Applications made with AngularJS are YouTube on PS3, Plunker, ZapTravel and many other Google's sites.


If you are still not using HTML5 and CSS3 you should start now. As browser support is becoming very good you only have benefits converting from older specification to HTML5 and CSS3.

Also there are ways to make legay browsers support new elements of HTML5 like HTML5 Shiv.


CoffeeScript is not a new language but it simply compiles into Javascript. It has very clean syntax and useful functions. You can use whatever JS framework with it as it is essentially a JS after compile.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions of Linux used for desktops and servers. Coming from Debian it is very stable and well documented which means it is ready for production use. Packing system provides ways to easily upgrade with more function and security patches. And it is still free!

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